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The ABCs of Tomorrow’s Engineers

Cubroid Investor _ Stanford Computer Engineering _ Google AI Engineer

Cubroid Investor _ Stanford Computer Engineering _ Google AI Engineer

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About Cubroid

Cubroid is a tech-education company that believes in teaching the programming language to children like a second language. We start with the basic vocabulary of coding. Then we work our way up incrementally to cultivate free-flowing digital fluency in robotics and artificial intelligence. The founder of Cubroid, Mark, is a South Korean ex-computer engineer, MBA graduate, and lively dad to three daughters. Unlike Mark, his three daughters took little interest in coding, sharing that the concepts seemed daunting to learn. This inspired him to challenge the way programming is taught to young students—both in schools and at home.


To empower the next generation with digital literacy

Our Values

Coding Made Accessible
We believe all children should have the opportunity to learn code—a powerful skill in the digital era that enables them to contribute, disrupt, and innovate in society.

Humans Drive Innovation
At the core of any good technology lies human touch and empathy. We strive to preserve heart in our work and inspire our students to do the same.

An Everyday Practice
We adopt a modular approach to learning because we know every step matters. Mastery is only met when a daily routine of practice, failure, and growth follows.

Empower the Educator
We recognize teaching is a collective effort, requiring educators and parents to believe in our products first. We are committed to supporting these agents by providing supplementary resources that are necessary for the students’ success.

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