Make your own AI robot!

AI Coding Block,


Experience AI by using ARTIBO's

camera and microphone!

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Code and Play

Whatever You Imagine

ARTIBO is more than a toy robot.

He is undoubtedly an AI(artificial intelligence) robot,

incredibly smart enough to be your ideal companion.

 ARTIBO powered by up-to-date tech and AI is cute, chirpy and funny.

Most of all, he does perfectly whatever you imagine.

Tell him all you need to do.

ARTIBO will surely make you feel so happy and proud of yourself.

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Tugs at the Heartstrings of Children

Coding helps children develop 21st century skills and capabilities

proven to boost their performance in all subjects.

Nothing has grabbed children’ attention and held it like ARTIBO, AI robot.

Your children would feel immersed in the playing the AI robot.

He is more than fun games. Just make your children try in various way

and watch their smiling faces when they learn a new concept.

ARTIBO can connect to the Internet or a smart phone and he is a great option

for kids from age 10 and above,

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Starting with Great Admiration Brings about Valuable Inspiration

ARTIBO, small enough to fit into a pocket, has a camera for eyes, a speaker for mouth, a microphone for ears. Actually he does not have AI, but he acts and displays like he does. The method of ARTIBO application is limitless.

Simply Applications of ARTIBO

“Go to the window, rotate a full 360 degrees and come back!

“Play a exciting music!

“I’m bored to death. Please, read a fairy tale!

“Would you translate ‘Hello’ in Chinese!

“How do you feel today?”

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Imagine and Code Your Own Avatar

ARTIBO moves from one place to another at kid’s coding.

He plays sound and music of various mood and expresses his emotion.

ARTIBO will be a great friend whom you talk about what you think.



Playing Sound & Music

Expressing Emotions

Speaking thirteen Languages

Go Straight, Turn Left and Right, Backward and Move with Feeling of Front Distance and Bottom Distance

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ARTIBO Has Limitless Possibilities


Image Recognition

ARTIBO is able to shoot digital image with a builtin camera and to

identify the image and/or text. He shows readily the name of image

and describes text in letters.

You couldn’t beat ARTIBO in celebrity name dropping.

  • Identify Image

  • Detect and Compare Faces

  • Recognize Celebrities

  • Identify Text

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When you say ‘Hello’, ARTIBO will tell ‘nínhăo’.

With a simple line of codes,

ARTIBO performs advanced actions like changing

your voice into letters, translating and reading messages,

recognizing your voice and speech.

  • Voice Recognition/Speech Recognition

  • Translate in Multiple Languages

  • Read Text in Many Different Languages

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ARTIBO Coding Platform

We have made coding easily accessible by developing simple and easy-to-use coding platforms and apps for smart phones, tablets, and PCs

" The World Is Moving towards Code, Coding Is Every Field "

1) Scratch Block (Simplified Computational Coding)

Artibo’s block coding platform has similar features with Scratch. It is intuitive and

easy for everyone to code using the drag-and-drop block system function.


2) Python (Text Coding)

Python coding just got fun with Artibo!

Python programming with Artibo is available for advanced youngsters who want to take

their programming skills to the next level

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Coding Platform

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ARTIBO, the Best AI Robot

Introduce Student

to STEAM/STEM Concepts

  • Learning Art of Coding with a lot of Squeals of Delight and Excitement

  • Training Alone & Facing Successions of Failures and Successes

  • Developing Problem Solving Skill

  • Sparking Creativity and Activate ‘a Maker’

  • Understanding Importance of Logical Thinking.

  • Experiencing Artificial Intelligence Based on Image Recognition and Voice Recognition

  • Feeling a Sense of Accomplishment

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