Founded in 2017, CUBROID is a global leading AI and educational robotics company.

About Cubroid

 The Inspiration & Motivation

 The CEO of Cubroid, Mark, with his strong passion and background in Educational Technology, Robotics, AI, and Future Education has developed over 100 apps for early childhood education.The idea of Cubroid came as Mark wanted to create an easy to assemble & code square shaped robots using the concept of Arduino but in a shape of a box (cube) as a gift for his 3 daughters so they can learn not only how to assemble and code robots but also see their imaginations come to life. Cubroid was then founded in 2015 with the name coined from Cube and Droid. 

Cubroid is an AI and Robotics company that designs and manufactures smart AI robots and coding blocks for children.

 We believe coding is an essential skill that needs to be nurtured in the developmental stages of a child.

Our products are specially designed to introduce children from age 5 and above to the concept of coding, engineering and artificial intelligence. We have made coding easily accessible by developing simple and easy-to-use coding platforms and apps for smartphones, tablets, and PCs (Scratch & Python)


Cubroid aims to provide the easiest computing and robotics education through STEAM. We hope that children all over the world will enjoy assembling, coding and playing with robots through the use of our products and services.

Our Vision

 Our vision is to lead the growth of STEAM education in all educational institutions and homes around

the world.



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