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[2024 Vietnam Robo BiMi] Cubroid Competition


What is RoboBimi?

An international competition, the [Vietnam Cubroid Competition'], was held in April 2024, and the representative personally attended! Students from schools in Vietnam participated and took on challenges using Cubroid robots, showing interest in the field of STEM! The STEM competition challenges creative thinking and collaboration skills in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathmatics. As an international competition, passionate students from around the world participate every year to solve various problems using robotic technology and complete tasks. 

Cubroid's STEM Education objective

An important component of learning STEM is making sure the complex principles behind it are explained in appropriate complexity for young kids. The best way to achieve this is to teach them through play. Play-based education, a method approved by both educators and psychologists, not only speaks to children 'in their language', thus making everything easier to digest, but it also conveys the message that errors and failures made on the road to learning are acceptable, and even positive. Since coding, a staple of the STEM dicsciplines, is all about the endless trial-and-error process, it's a great way to help them adopt it while they're still small and their brains still have great plasticity. 

Cubroid's Coding blocks connect technology and learning, giving children around the world easy access to the basic concepts of artificial intelligence, coding and providing a fun experience while enabling learning and understanding rather than just playing! Many diverse works were created because of the children's infinite imagination. I hope that the students who participated in this competition will also learn challenge spirit and cooperation, help them envision their own potential and a better future through creativity, innovation, problem solving and teamwork! We will continue to strive for continuous growth and expansion to create the future of education at home and abroad together.

We look forward to partnership! It is fantastic!





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