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MWC2024 "The future comes first. Education is the future!" in Barcelona

Cubroid took part in Mobile World Congress(MWC) 2024, which is the world's largest mobile exhibition held in Barcelona, Spain. MWC is a global festival of mobile, information and communication technology industries. This MWC is the theme of 'The future comes first', various innovative technologies and products were introduced with the innovation of artificial intlligence(AI).


Cubroid in MWC

Why Cubroid?

  • World's first wireless-based

  • Various robot production coding is possible in a short time

  • Having the contents of a stage-by-stage program that can be used from infants to adults

  • 5 hours of use on a single charge without discharging the battery during use

  • Compatible devices ranging from smartphones, tablets to laptops OK

Global EdTech Company & Cubroid Vision

With the launch of this gear block, it has received great attention not only in Korea but also abroad. They showed interest in various countries such as Italy, Dubai, chile, Mexico, Ecuador and various age groups, from young friends to college students. Many buyers were interested in the new trends of robots, coding, artificial intelligence education and consulted with interest to lead to business. Cubroid wants to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to challenge themselves to dream of a bright future, regardless of their background or situation. Children interact with STEAM in novel and chllenging ways, and we're honored that Cuborid is there to guide them on thier explorative curious journey. Also, our biggest dream is to show kids that they can use technology to create valuable things and to learn about the world around them. Through this exhibition, we got one step closer to achieving that dream.

We look forward to partnership! It is fantastic!





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